Wall protection, door protection & maintenance deliver savings

The Interior Components installation team often get called in to commercial properties where walls and doors are damaged, dented and discoloured. It’s just a fact of life that walls and doors will take a gentle beating over the years and end up looking grimy and run down.

This sort of wear and tear adds an appearance of neglect to even the best run rest home or care facility, which is normally an unfair reflection on the level of excellence delivered by the staff and maintenance teams.

Prevention is the best cure – with door & wall protection

Our PVC wall protection panels, hard wearing cornerguards and PVC or steel door protection will prevent your property ever beginning to look battered and tired.

If your business is a hospital or care facility you can add the extra benefit of hygienic antimicrobial handrails and offer your clients extra protection.

Regular maintenance for rest homes, residential care, hospital & public buildings is essential

Interior Components are more than happy to quote remedial work and maintenance as part of our work installing wall and door protection and extras such as handrails, bed bumpers and cornerguards. It is part of a normal wall protection installation job to repair and prepare the surfaces beforehand. Damaged walls, corners and doors are thoroughly prepped, so that once the wall protection systems are installed the rooms and corridors look immaculate.

Examples of maintenance & wall protection projects


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