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About INPRO products

Wall protection and seismic joint systems, installed perfectly

Interior Components provides Expansion Joint Systems and Door & Wall Protection products to the construction industry across New Zealand and the South Pacific.

With over two decades of providing high quality products and honest, reliable service and installation for the construction market, the reputation of Interior Components and owner John Hutchings are well proven.

“We believe in delivering on our commitments through honest quotes, accurate pricing and product quality.”


Highly specialised professional installers

We have extensive experience in the construction industry and offer full installation by our permanent team of installers – we do not contract out to subbies. Our team is trained on Interior Component’s products and work one on one with our customers. The end result is a quick response and customised support for a right-first-time outcome.


New Zealand & South Pacific Inpro distributor

Since 1979, American company Inpro have manufactured products to protect buildings from wear and tear, and to protect the people within the buildings. Obsessive about safety, health and appearance, Inpro design and manufacture nearly every product themselves, and prove each one with exhaustive testing.

Where possible, we use materials that are sourced in New Zealand, like aluminium; but many product components are made of exclusive, world class Inpro plastic which has unique properties beneficial for the healthcare market.


Servicing the construction industry


Our products not only protect the appearance of healthcare spaces, but also create healing environments that promote the best patient outcomes.



We protect schools from everyday wear and tear, vandalism and constant cleaning and help schools focus on more important things.



Protection and preventative maintenance products to safeguard your hotel.



Create a sleek, well protected commercial environment that is a pleasure to work in!



Reduce maintenance time and cost so you can focus on your residents.



Protective products for the unique demands of retail and restaurant spaces.


Health and Safety

Bariatric patients are well catered for with Inpro’s bariatric products; which have been tested to handle up to 1,000 lbs of weight while providing a sturdy, navigable environment.

Inpro also work to develop anti-ligature products to protect psychiatric patients from injuring themselves.

To ensure safety in your healthcare or education facility, commercial hotel or corporate building, Inpro products are constructed and tested to meet FGI Guidelines and ADA Requirements.


Sustainability focus

With a company environmental and sustainability policy, Inpro are externally ISO 14001 Certified and work to reduce their impact on the environment with Life Cycle Assessments and a Cradle to the Grave plastics recycling programme in America.

All of the metal in expansion joint systems is made from recycled aluminium, or New Zealand sourced aluminium which reduces the carbon miles involved.


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