World-Class Stroke Treatment Unit design enhanced with Interior Components product

Taiao Ora, Auckland City Hospital’s new stroke unit, opened in late 2020 as New Zealand’s first fully-integrated stroke and rehabilitation unit. Stroke patients from across the country will now able to recieve their care in the spacious 41-bed unit, which draws on international best-practice.

Research shows that integrated stroke treatment produces the best outcomes for stroke victims. Taiao Ora is a purpose-designed ward, fully equipped with state of the art equipment and specialist staff who can provide the full range of stroke treatment, from hyper-acute interventions to rehabilitation.

At the same time, Taiao Ora also presents an open and welcoming environment for recovering stroke patients and their whānau.  The unit features full-wall murals of iconic natural landscapes that signify the interdependence of the wellbeing of people and the wellbeing of Te Taiao, the natural world.

The murals’ detailed images of trees and plants introduce soft greens to the décor, and extensive use of woodgrain finishes for handrailing and other surfaces provides visual warmth and texture.

Interior Components installed all the wood handrails, wall panels, bed bumper strips, corner guards and other wall protection products throughout the unit. 

A unique feature wood handrail required custom curving using steam as part of the process, and now graces a large curving wall.

The use of Woodlands faux-wood rigid vinyl sheeting in bedrooms effectively softens the otherwise high-tech atmosphere for patients and visitors. The easy-clean panels also protect walls from impact damage from the frequently shifted medical equipment and beds.

John Hutchings, owner of Interior Components, comments,

“This specialist unit sets new standards for integrated stroke treatment for New Zealanders. At the same time, it operates as an attractive and extremely well-functioning environment for all involved – first and foremost, the stroke patients treated at Taiao Ora, and their families, but just as importantly, the specialists, surgical teams, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, and other hospital staff who all comprise the integrated stroke treatment team”.

Interior Components are proud to have contributed to the internal construction and design fit-out of such a vitally important health service.