New Waitemata Women’s Facility gets the IC treatment

North Shore Hospital opened its long-awaited Hine Ora ward in November 2015.  The new women’s facility is a major development championed by Waitemata District Health Board, in response to continued population growth and the related need for a facility that specializes in women’s gynaecological health.

The $6.2 million facility is located next to the hospital’s maternity ward and offers an extensive range of gynaecology services, using the expertise of 30 specialist gynaecologists.

Hine Ora was designed to accommodate day assessment and procedures as well as longer term accommodation, with 15 beds allocated across a range of room types.  The ward includes a self-contained suite, called the Awhinatia Suite, designed for use by women who are either delivering stillborn babies or receiving palliative care, and their respective families.

The design features used throughout Hine Ora promote a calm, uncluttered space – smooth lines, discreet fittings, and well-planned through access to support efficient traffic flow.  Interior Components owner, John Hutchings, considers that the streamlined understatement of the InPro products offered by his company was a winning factor in its successful bid for the supply and installation of protective wall linings, wall protection fittings, and seismic jointing and sealing systems throughout Hine Ora.

“Interior Components has over 20 years’ experience in fitting out and finishing a wide range of demanding public environments, such as hospitals, universities, and other special purpose buildings.” Hutchings says. “We’ve consistently been able to deliver effective, long-life fittings and wall finishes that meet a modern hospital’s requirements for protecting their building assets, as well as patient and staff health, without compromising on understated, stylish design”.

The wall protection fittings in Hine Ora have been selected for their effectiveness and durability, yet present a streamlined profile which belies their effectiveness and durability.  The surface mounted high impact corner guards for example, made from recycled vinyl, are four times stronger than an aluminium retainer, and offer a high resistance to scratching and stains.  The IPC crashrail mounted in all corridor walls, storage rooms, sluice rooms and trolley bays prevents damage from carts, wheelchairs and hospital beds, while the IPC 800 handrail provides wall protection while acting as a handrail for patients.

“The women’s facility was constructed above the roof level of the existing building, so seismic jointing systems were essential for achieving an effective seal between the new and existing tower block,” John explains. “The IPC seismic joint systems that we installed in the walls and ceiling are designed to accommodate all the stresses and strains caused by fluctuating temperature differentials and potential seismic activity, as well effectively diverting any water runoff.”

Like the products that it has installed in Hine Ora, Interior Components’ contribution towards helping to meet the health needs of women probably lies ‘beneath the radar’ for most.  “This is what we aim for, really,” John says, “High quality, highly effective, protective surfaces, jointing systems and wall fittings that support a sleek, modern look – in an understated manner.  InPro products coupled with our team of expert installers means that this is what we deliver, and we’re proud of it.”


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