Inpro Accepted to Wisconsin DNR Green Tier Program

MILWAUKEE, April 16, 2015  ̶  Inpro proudly accepts a spot in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Green Tier Program. Today, representatives of the DNR will present a Green Tier certificate to CEO, Phil Ziegler, the Sustainable Business Committee and the Environmental Management System Team. The certificate will be presented for Inpro’s company-wide continued sustainable business practices.

The Green Tier program is a recognition and partnership program between Wisconsin businesses, trade associations, communities and non-profits, and the Department of Natural Resources. Green Tier is designed to encourage innovation, collaboration and new environmental goal setting.

“Over the past 15 years, Inpro has continued to push the envelope with sustainability and product development,” Ziegler said. “Our manufacturing teams continually look for new ways to reduce waste and work closely with our suppliers to find the best materials for manufacturing efficiently.”

Requirements of the Green Tier Program include having a strong environmental record, a willingness to exceed regulatory standards and overall improving of performance and the environment.

Inpro is committed to improving sustainable business practices inside and outside its company walls. From creating sustainable product lines to improving internal sustainability operations, Inpro is obsessed with ensuring a positive coexistence between buildings and our environment. Inpro currently employs over 60 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Associate certified employees as well as a full-time sustainability manager.

“Inpro’s obsession goes beyond protection,” Amanda Goetsch, Inpro’s Sustainability Manager, said. “Our goal is to operate and produce products through a sustainability lens of environmental, social and economic performance and responsibility for the betterment of all stakeholders.”

Inpro’s road to sustainability transcends state lines. In October 2014, Inpro put Goetsch behind the wheel of a hybrid vehicle and sent her to Greenbuild, the nation’s largest conference dedicated to green building design and construction. She documented her journey on Twitter (@InproGreenGal) as she stopped at various non-profit organizations as well as architect and design firms who have strong sustainability values along the way. As an added bonus, Inpro purchased carbon offsets for other travelers who documented their #RoadtoSustainability.

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